- Informational & Health Links -

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals - OFFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals)
Is a non-profit organization originally created to assist breeders in addressing hip dysplasia.

Bloat -Links and FAQs Bloat is the common term for Gastric Dilation-Torsion Complex.


American Kennel Club -The Official AKC Akita Breed Standard, along with a wealth of additional information regarding dogs.

Akita Club of America -Current & In Good Standing Member's of The AKITA CLUB OF AMERICA is the National Club which represents, protects, and furthers the interests of the Akita breed.

American Akita Club of France -Current & In Good Standing Member of The AMERICAN AKITA CLUB OF FRANCE.
Big East Akita Rescue -B.E.A.R. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, hands-on, Akita rescue group covering the NY, NJ, and PA metropolitan region and the Northeast, helping unwanted, abused, and neglected Akitas in need.
Akita Rescue -ARSA (Akita Rescue Society of America, Inc) was founded in 1976 by a small group of Akita fanciers who recognized the need to assist abandoned Akitas.  The breed has grown and with it, the need for rescue has increased.
Namaste Akita Rescue Alliance -California Non-Profit Organization
Akita Rescue of Western NY -ARWNY is a small group of volunteers dedicated to Akitas.  ARWNY covers a wide territory to save Akitas because we care about the breed.  We are here to offer adoptions, health education, temperament information and training guidelines for your Akita.
Midwest Akita Rescue Society -Serving the Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Missouri and Minnesota Areas




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